24 August 2017

  • hopefully fixed eror when number of values has no remainder when divided by 20 (20 values per multivarread call) this was a counter/loop problem

28 March 2017

  • added writing units for values to datafile
  • added functionality for demo: creating data from ramdom function, without connection to plc. DEMO is shown in headline of aqserver
  • added functionality for booloffset: boolean values within one byte are added an offset, so they can be shown in one plot without overlapping each other
  • added config.optionxform=str tor get_config for case sensitive config values. ATTENTION: config values IP, RACK and SLOT must be changed to lowercase in your new config files (ip, rack,slot)

17 March 2017

  • added config filename to display, so we know what is running
  • delete header file and temp files when program exits

15 March 2017

  • fixed error: when using multiple instances still same name for header file (and temp file) was used. This messed up data files. Now included datafileprefix in these filenames so they are unique.
  • for same reason logfile name was abandoned, using datafileprefix instead to have unique name

13 February 2017

  • added german docs

13 October 2016

  • updated docs
  • created new installer using pyinstaller and NSIS. Problems before with py2exe.

11 October 2016

  • added check for maximum records (from config) to avoid files getting too big
  • added try ..except for reading config file

06 October 2016

  • added get username for all OS (Windows, Linux, MacOS)
  • change data and log directory, depending on OS. In Windows this will be sub directories of .. My Documents\Aqserver folder, in Linux/MacOS this will be in current users home directory (//home//user//Aqserver//..)

05 October 2016

  • NSIS: tried to make setup.exe for Windows
  • added manual trigger always possible
  • added check for variables, and exit with config fault, problem to logfile

30 September 2016

  • updating docs
  • check if argument for config file is list or string
  • added purging log directory, when debug is 0 (= no debugging), only actual logfile remains, with entry program start and end
  • improved error detection, connect and disconnect of client

29 September 2016

  • updated docs
  • compiled to exe with py2exe
  • can test now with local Snap7 server
  • added verification for configfile, data dir and log dir, if a dir is missing it will be created
  • fixed keypress problem, program was not responding to every keypress

15 September 2016

  • added try..except for communication error, program exits normal now, with message to user and logfile
  • when client was already connected program tries to disconnect and to connect again (no exit)
  • when scantime is set to 0 then program scans as fast as possible (no sleep)

28 November 2015

  • modified aqserver(none OOP version), can now use directory structure yearmonthday for saved files

11 August 2015

  • started refactoring and making OOP aware, with acqserver class (not yet finished)

10 August 2015

  • tested and corrected trigger functionality
  • tested S7 300 with plcsim and nettoplcsim

07 August 2015

  • added filecopy routines to PrgUtils
  • added trigger functionality to server (

06 August 2015

  • added config section for debug, with settings for debug level, logfile
  • corrected error in endless loop that creates string with values
  • create header template at start, that can be copied to further data files in case of trigger
  • removed all sys.args, only*c configfile remains, all other settings in config file
  • tried to start 2 instances of program
  • use different configfile
  • set different recording filename
  • when started from 2 cmd environments with*c parameter and different configfile, it works!
  • tested filecopy, rename, append, replace in file as preparation for trigger event actions

05 August 2015

  • added data file name to config, so we can start aqserver several times using different settings, when scanning several PLCs